I often get asked what inspired me to create Lovescript Perfume, and just like finding true love, it was an inspired twist of fate and a magical “Ah-ha!” moment …

Now I never meant to launch a perfume.

One day, while I was on the road doing a national tour for the launch of my first book, Dating, Mating & Manhandling, a really adorable marketing bigwig started flipping through my field guide to modern romance. 

And when she got to Chapter 5, "How to become a magical man magnet" she got a little gleam in her eye and said, "Hey, you should think about making a perfume!"  

But seriously…Me? Create a perfume? Well, I did what you would do… I just kept lingerie shopping and forgot all about it.

But then fate stepped in, and several years later, a darling (but very weepy) friend called me for some relationship advice. She was super sad about breaking up with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. Sniffling away, she'd said they'd been up all night holding each other - and crying their eyes out - about their imminent breakup!  

"Umm," I said, "Perhaps if you're both so upset about breaking up, you shouldn't! Why don't you come in and see me? I'll get you both sorted out!"

She sighed heavily and said that she'd really love to, but that they probably couldn't afford it.  

(Okay, I'm not Mother Theresa, but I just couldn't turn her away.) 

Now by this time I had been on TV, and became known as a celebrity love coach, and have a knack for getting women back on a romantic track.

Note: Being a love coach is like bringing a magician to a party. Women (and men) love asking me questions about their love lives, anytime, and anywhere.

(Example: While getting a bikini wax, on the red carpet at black-tie events, and in powder rooms, literally everywhere). I always wind up talking about my favorite topic (love) wherever I am.

But back to my story … Of course, they both came to me for coaching, and she brought along a little thank you gift...

...a tiny little bottle of magic vanilla perfume that she’d whipped up just for me! Now, I have to confess that although I was appreciative, I have an array of fabulously expensive go-to favorite scents, potions, and lotions in my arsenal. And so this tiny little bottle of love just languished there, unused.

Until one life-changing day, I was in an adventurous mood, and as I put my hair up, I swiped a dab of it on my wrists. “Mmmm!” It smelled divine! But I thought it needed a little something extra, and blended a few of my favorite essential perfume oils into it until the fragrance made my mouth water. I gave it a stir, swiped it onto my neck and décolleté and tossed it into my handbag, for good measure.

And then it happened.

I went to the Four Seasons to meet up with my girlfriends for drinks, and men went bananas. One hunky TV star literally swept me off my feet, and as he spun me around, said, “You smell just like a cupcake!”

(Confession: I’d dated him before, but still!)

After that, a gorgeous John Hamm lookalike followed me outside, saying “I just couldn’t resist. You smell like a bonbon!” But when the valet attendant tried to climb into the car with me and said that I reminded him of his mother's Dulce de Leche, that's when it hit me.

I’d created lovescript perfume.

But maybe it was just me? I'm pretty man-friendly, so perhaps all this fuss was just a fluke? So, I did what any self-respecting romantic researcher would do...

I started giving away little bottles to clients and girlfriends just to see what would happen. And I'm happy to report that lovescript perfume has the exact same effect on everyone that wears it.

“I met my boyfriend wearing your perfume, and now he thinks this is just my natural scent! Send me a truckload!” 

“I tried to break the bottle to get the last drop out. Need another bottle, Stat!!”


“It’s irresistible to all males from seven to 47! When I wear it, my son and my husband won’t leave me alone! I can’t wear it at home.” 

So, grab it, and dab on a little drop, and you'll discover that it's got an amazing little side effect...

It does the flirting for you.

Since then, Lovescript perfume has flown out of the door, created passionate fans, and inspired countless bodice-ripping romances

Flirt Fact: Scent is the secret X-Factor that inspires your lover to want to get closer...and closer.

And when you wear Lovescript Perfume, you’ll quickly notice something fascinating happens. Men will instinctively sniff and grin, cock their heads, and will say "Mmmm...what are you wearing? It smells like ..."

And then the fun guessing game begins. I've been told that I smell like a cupcake, sugar cookies, and Creme Brule! 

(Hint: It'll be whatever his favorite dessert is. And now his favorite sweet treat will definitely be you.)

And now his favorite sweet treat will definitely be YOU.

And if you're wondering what happened to my weepy girlfriend and her boyfriend, I'm thrilled to report that they're madly in love and nesting like lovebirds, with a big dog in their backyard right behind their (you guessed it) white picket fence.

And that's how one good deed can create an amazing romantic ripple effect of love. So, enjoy! And here’s to attracting the love you deserve and desire.

Grab a bottle here!


For extra credit: Use the flirt tips in my bestseller, Dating, Mating & Manhandling, while wearing lovescript perfume. They’re an irresistible combo!