Most single women complain that they don’t date enough, but when I ask them how many men they’ve asked out lately, the answer is often a shocked and confused “None!”

(Nun, get it?)

Romantic rule: If you want to go on more dates, ask and ye shall receive, sayeth the bored.

You can trade in your chastity belt for a garter belt and date as much as you want to, whenever you want to, when you flirt like a self-assured Romantic Researcher, and not like a lonely lady in waiting.

Now before I share maneuvers guaranteed to get you working your lingerie drawer, you’ll need to trash some old ideas first. Here are two man-catching techniques as current as the crossbow and might be keeping your love life in a very deep sleep.

1. for romance. Many date-free women are still trying to lure men by using Retinal Morse Code, a series of rapid eye movements, stares, and eyelash-battings that signal that you’re there for the taking but wouldn’t dream of doing the asking. This kind of passive flirting is ineffective, unattractive and just makes you look like you have a nervous tic. It’s obviously a relic from an earlier time when women didn’t have access to mascara.

2. Being a Size Queen. Millions of women spend gorgeous weekends on the StairMaster hoping that their dream man will magically appear the second they can fit back into their skinny jeans. These women blame the size of their thighs for their singleness, and believe that when they finally look perfect, the Barbie Dream House will become theirs, along with Ken and all of those fabulous shoes!

I’ll let you in on a secret. Even women who are perfect size 4’s are often date-free too!

That’s why every woman, no matter how small or how tall, will benefit from acquiring modern flirting technology.

WARNING: If you watch these flirt tips, you won’t be able to bitch about being date-free ever again.