A Date with Destiny

Dressing for a date is something of a minefield, especially in the early days. It is one thing if you know the guy before he asks you out: then, at least, there is an understanding there of social background, character and class.

But what if you met, as more and more people do these days, through the internet? Or what if it’s a blind date, or fix-up? What do you wear to the ‘first cup of coffee to make sure the person isn’t a psycho’ date? You know first impressions are vital, but you are meeting in a casual place. Do you glam up, or play it down?

You want to make a great impression so you probably will get your hair done, but do you go vampy on the nails, or not? Wear make-up, or not? Dress casual, you think, but you don’t look your best in jeans. Would a girlie dress be too dressy?

That first cup of coffee can reduce a competent, top-level managing director to an anxiety-ridden, insecure teenager. I contacted Lauren Frances, LA-based love coach and author of Dating, Mating and Manhandling, and an expert on internet dating, for her exclusive advice…

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